Nov 21, 2012

Black Adder II LIVE review

The set itself is simple and the stage has 5 different areas that the characters interact on. Whether we are looking straight ahead on 3 areas on stage or the house left or right, we are thrust into this world in such an intimate space. Luke Sutherland’s set captures each area perfectly and thanks to the effective lighting design of Eric Jacobsen, we are able to see each area for each scene. Whether we are in house of Blackadder or the Queen’s throne room, we get to see a simple and effective set create this world. One set that was particularly impressive was in one “episode” where Blackadder, his friend Percy, servant Baldrick and Captain Redbeard Rum are upon a ship, due to Blackadder’s attempt to travel the unknown (thanks to a large part to his pride and short-sightedness). The four in are sitting a small cabin that wonderfully creates a sense of claustrophobia, which was in a small open room above the entrance of the theatre space.

        Christen "The Card" Hegg -

Eric Jacobsen’s lighting follows the action all around the performance space, and Luke J. Sutherland’s set design is economical and handsome. 

        Kilian Melloy, edge Boston, MA