Nov 25, 2012

A Behanding in Spokane

Now, Carmichael has landed in a seedy hotel room, designed by Luke J. Sutherland, that features a low-slung bed above which hangs a large wheel. A mysterious brown suitcase is on the other side of the room, and a not-mysterious-at-all gun is tucked into Carmichael’s waistband. 

            Don Aucoin,  Boston Globe


Kudos also goes to scenic designer Luke J. Sutherland for creating the perfect adobe feel of an Arizona hotel gone to seed. His yellowing wagon-wheel esthetics grounds the play in a faded earthiness.

            Craig Idlebrook, the New England Theatre Geek

Scenic Designer Luke J. sutherland imbues the nondescript room with an aura of existential angst befitting its inhabitants. A single bed, a club chair, and a small nightstand with a lamp and a phone are the room's only furnishings, and decorations are limited to a dull painting and a beat up wagon wheel on the walls.

          Nancy Grossman,