Dec 23, 2013

Exit Pursued by a Bear

The action takes place in the living room of a home dominated by mounted animal heads on one wall and a display of weapons on the other. At center stage is the homeowner, Kyle (Tim Hoover), who sits duct-taped to a chair, including a piece covering his mouth. The play opens with Kyle waking up and realizing his predicament........When his wife, Nan (Mary-Liz Murray), enters, she explains that after years of abuse, she’s decided to have her revenge, but has planned a slow and theatrical end for him........Luke J. Sutherland’s set design of imposing walls creates a sense of a confined space Nan is eager to escape....

Terry Bryne, Boston Globe.

When the audience enters, Kyle (Hoover) is already knocked out and strapped into his chair in the middle of the room. Seating is on opposite sides of the center performance space, and Scenic Designer Luke J. Sutherland creates the feel of a small house in the North Georgia mountains with paneled walls at either end featuring a mélange of animal trophies and rifles, pistols, and hunting knives.

Nancy /Grossman, Broadway World. com